How To Sing Higher?

How to sing higher

There are many people who are blessed with the ability to sing. But many of them have difficulty in singing at high notes. Singing at high notes without proper training of voice and without using the proper technique can affect your singing ability.

Damage to vocal cords can ruin the tone and pitch while singing. If you are a singer who wants to know how to sing higher than you are in the right place. Whether you want to sing jazz, pop, rock or theater, you need the power and fineness to do so. You can get the right assistance to sing higher with the various singing programs available online.

Know your limits

Every singer has a particular natural vocal range in which they will be comfortable to sing. Going beyond that range will need to strain and this requires training. You need to select the right range and keys in order to showcase your present singing abilities.

With training, you will be able to sing high notes without getting fatigued. If you attempt singing higher without proper training, you may end up with vocal damage which will prevent you from singing for a few weeks or there are chances of permanent damage to your voice.

Most of the people feel that improving their singing range is very difficult as they do not know the right technique to do it. One of the most effective ways, to expand your vocal range in a consistent way is to use Learn How To Sing – Learn Singorama program specially designed for the purpose.

You will be able to sing as easily as you talk when you have the right techniques to achieve higher notes.  You will be able to increase the range by an octave or more using the right program.

Importance of warm up

Just like any other muscle in your body, your vocal cord muscles also need to warm up before you use it for singing.

  • You can hum any song of your choice to warm up the voice cords
  • You can exercise your throat muscles by singing the lowest note first and then moving to the highest note slowly and then coming back to the lower notes
  • You can repeat this for a few times to give the slow stretch to the vocal cords
  • Sing songs which have notes going up and down
  • Make sure that your throat is not hurt during this exercise
  • Keep your vocal cords well hydrated by drinking warm water
  • If you want to maintain your voice it is better to avoid cold water, ice- creams and milk before a singing performance

If you are not confident about singing in high notes, start by humming “mmm” and make the sound resonate in your forehead and in the sinuses near the nose. You will be able to feel the vibration of the humming on your lips.

Start singing at the bottom of your singing range with “mmm” sound and then open the mouth and create the “ahhh” sound. Try to move up the scale repeating the” mmm” and “ahhh” till you reach the top of your voice.

Focus on creating a clean and clearer tone rather than thinking about the difficulty in singing the high note. Once you start practicing this, you will be able to make the transition from low to high and high to low in a controlled way.

Keep on practicing

You cannot expect overnight miracles to happen when you are trying to improve your vocal flexibility.  It needs dedicated daily vocal cord exercise and the deepest determination to achieve the goal.

You need guidance in setting up the vocal exercises and recording the improvement. You can use the Learn How To Sing – Learn Singorama for improving your singing skills using simple exercises and techniques. You will be able to overcome any barriers in singing high notes without the help of a private teacher when you use this online singing course.

Use the best software

Whether you are a novice in singing or you are an experienced singer, you will be able to learn the most advanced techniques to make your singing better or perfect with the right software to coach singing.

You will be able to give auditions or do stage performance with better confidence when you have the right programs to guide you. You will be able to see rapid changes in your singing ability than practicing alone to improve your singing when you have online singing programs like to Learn How To Sing – Learn Singorama to teach you the right methods to improve singing skills.