Simple Ways To Increase Vocal Range

Simple ways to increase vocal range

If you feel that you are not able to reach your goals even though you have a good voice, you need to work on increasing your vocal range. This is where most people get discouraged and stop singing at a professional level.

They feel that they lack something and give up too soon. However, you have to understand that increasing your vocal range is not too difficult when you practice the right techniques.

All you need is the right method and proper guidance from a trained professional. If you can manage to work on this aspect for a few months, you can take your singing to an all new level.

Technology cannot cover up your drawbacks

While sound engineering has advanced to great levels that it can mask anyone’s voice and make it sound professional, it cannot make you a good singer. If you need success in the long run, you need to work hard on improving your range.

Most popular singers also use technology to cover up their drawbacks in music albums. However, they will easily get exposed when they have to deliver a live performance. If you do not want to face such embarrassment, you need to rely on the strength of your vocal chords and not some gimmicks to reach higher notes.

You can use the tested methods used in online course Learn How To Sing – Learn Singorama and get good benefits. It is very helpful as it comes with simple and easy to follow instructions along with many tracks.

Using them, you can practice the correct exercises that will improve your vocal range within a few months by a huge margin. All you need is some patience and persistent efforts and you will become a better singer.

Practice these techniques

  • The first step in improving your vocal range comes from strengthening your vocal chords and gaining better control over your breath
  • You can begin with practicing deep breathing exercises for a few minutes every day. It is better to do it early in the morning
  • Later on, you can bring awareness into your breathing pattern throughout the day and focus on breathing as deep as possible
  • This will eventually build the strength in your diaphragm and lungs, which will enable you to control your voice in a better manner
  • You can easily reach higher notes with the least efforts and this sounds very professional
  • Other than that, you must train your vocal chords to deliver the sounds in a controlled manner. This is not a gift and it comes from hours and hours of practice
  • You can use some simple techniques given in Learn How To Sing – Learn Singorama program and practice it on a regular basis to improve your vocal range
  • These exercises are best done early in the morning and with a few weeks of practice; you will notice a remarkable difference in your range

Slow and steady approach

When you plan to increase your vocal range, always remember that you cannot do it overnight and it takes some time before your vocal chords are ready to perform in any range. Even though you can scream for a moment and reach higher notes easily, if you continue to do so for a long time, it will damage your vocal chords.

This can easily affect your singing career and you must always be comfortable while singing in any range. If you feel that some range is hurting your vocal muscles, relax and let it go. Over a period, the muscles will become stronger and be ready for that range.

This is similar to building your body muscles and you cannot get a well-toned body within a few days of hitting the gym. Even though you may be able to lift some weights beyond your normal capacity, if it damages your muscles, you cannot go to the gym at all. This is the same with your vocal chords and you must always make sure to take a slow and steady approach.

If you practice these simple techniques, you will notice that within no time, you can safely increase your vocal range without damaging your vocal chords. It also matters that you sit in an upright position while practicing your songs. This will help you to get the breath in a controlled manner and you will be able to achieve higher ranges with the least effort.